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In this start page I present all the content you will find on this blog in an ordered manner. You can also navigate through the site using the Navigation Bar at the right column. Here you have a thematic index, all the articles in the blog belong to one of these categories:

For Starters

The Buddha

History of Buddhism

  • The Early Sangha: The formation of the early Buddhist community.
  • Buddhist Art: I suspect that for many of you, the first contact with this tradition has been through Buddhist art. What is the meaning of these images of the Buddha? What types of images are there?

Schools of Buddhism

  • Theravada Buddhism: The “Doctrine of the Elders”. This tradition represents a conservative option.  It maintains today many aspects of the Buddhist tradition that were practiced in India during the early centuries after the death of the Buddha. It is practiced mainly in South East Asia: Thailand, Sri Lanka and Burma. 
  • Mahayana Buddhism: The “Great Vehicle”. This is a reform movement that emerged in the Indian Buddhist community around the beginning of the Common Era. It changes the style, the tone and the content of Buddhist practice in profound ways. The Mahayana spread to China, Tibet, Japan, Korea and Vietnam in different varieties.

Buddhism and Politics

We see the Buddha as a monk, it is hard to imagine him as a politician, but politics has been a deeply rooted theme in Buddhist life. These are figures that represent the intersection between traditional Buddhist and political values:

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