The Buddha’s Religious Background

To understand the Buddha’s answers to the ultimate questions about existence, we need to know something about Siddharta Gautama’s religious background and the religious world of India in the sixth and fifth century BCE.

These are concepts of Indian religion that we must know in order to understand Buddhism completely. I present these articles in order, because many times one concept depends on the other, but you are free to read them in the order you prefer.

  1. The Vedas and Buddhism
  2. The Classic Vedic Question
  3. The Upanishads and the Three Essences
  4. All Reality is One
  5. The Quest for Knowledge in Hinduism
  6. The Doctrine of Reincarnation
  7. The Real Meaning of Reincarnation
  8. The Law of Karma
  9. The Solution to the Problem of Reincarnation
  10. What are Sannyasi like?

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